Greyhound Racing In Australia 2 Essay

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Greyhound racing in Australia has become a sport for the greedy monitory driven trainers and governors. The sport needs to be revived through action and answers as depicted in the two Herald Sun opinion articles written on February 19th of this year. Susie O’Brien and the other that was not named in, both of the articles are writing to evoke change in the passion driven sport. To do this they target the governing bodies, being, animal welfare groups and the national racing committees. Neither writer offers any apology for their hard-edged stance as they fuel their readership into promoting action.

Greedy/monitory driven sport, not fearing for consequences
Sport is an industry like no other, one which relies on passion and dedication for it to be able to sustain fair and continual development within its own arenas. Susie O’Brien however suggests, that the sport of Greyhound racing, has slipped away from these key elements to a sports continuation, and rather began to rely on the greed of its trainers and governing bodies to push the sport into its next frontier. O’Brien suggests that a supposedly ‘banned’ dog who had simply moved kennels, ran and won its owners $30,000. This implies the shear incompetence of the sport, and suggests to readers that the issue is going to be avoided in any possible way. This empowers readers with annoyance, and a feeling of the sports naivety towards the issue. This evokes questioning of the application being shown towards the barbaric acts. In a just as tarnishing display of how the culture of racing has changed from a passion, to a monitory obsessed arena for the trainers to orchestrate. The image is a simple yet powerful display to the reader’s eye of how trainers are purely focused on the winnings rather then the welfare of any of their prized greyhounds. This again provokes the readers with annoyance, as the sport has been cruelly taken away from its harmless routs of speed and discipline. This feeling of the sport being wrongly done by in a way forces action to be made, as it is clear that the once humane sport is being recreated for the trainers rather then the real hero’s within the kennels around the nation.

Plea for real action
From the outset of the original article “This Barbarity shames us all” the writer devotes their attention towards the Herald Sun readership to rally behind the tarnished sport and to induce action in those who have the power to act and bring the sport back to its entirety. The threat that ‘if the industry does not change, it runs the risk of being shut down’ invites the audience to consider what the lose of greyhound racing would mean to themselves, this would likely place the readership into a position of passion and desire for action this allows. This desire allows the industry to be driven towards its fulfilment and rightful state. Following this Susie O’Brien writes in a similar facet as she contends the action that is seemingly occurring behind closed doors is simply not enough and is only being used as a way of avoiding any greater criticism from outside agencies. O’Brien is saddened by the efforts are being portrayed by racing across the nation as she suggests for victoria that it is business as ‘usual’. For the avid race goers the news of insufficient action ‘shames’ them, and fuels a desire to personally rectify the struggling sport, so that they as readers can be sure attempts are being made. Returning to the original article the writer finishes by pleading with their audience within the greyhound industry to ‘name and shame’ those responsible for the tragic the sport finds itself in. For the circulation of readers both within