Grief In Nicholas Wolterstorff's Lament For A Son

Words: 1978
Pages: 8

Stages of Grief Paper
Grief. This is a word that everyone has felt at one point in their life or another. This word is one that can be someone’s constant companion or feeling. The word grief is described by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “deep and poignant distress caused by… bereavement”, however this word is difficult to pinpoint with a definition because so many different emotions accompany it. In the book, Lament for a Son, Nicholas Wolterstorff’s depiction of grief is shown in the loss of his son. Wolterstorff’s painful and honest description of the loss of his son in his writing shows the difficulty that overcoming grief is. The five stages of grief are clearly discussed and shown through the process of Wolterstorff as he worked through his son’s death. In this paper, Wolterstorff’s literary work, Lament for a Son, will be discussed as well as the stages of grief and how they affect the Christian walk.
Analysis of Lament for a Son and the five stages of Grief Lament for a Son is an
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The untimely death of Eric sends Mr. Wolterstorff to realize that his son will not be a part of gatherings anymore, question why his son loved to be adventurous and why he was not more cautious when hiking. He spent time crying over his son’s death even when society said it was unmanly. He urged his family to continue to live as authentically as possible without Eric. Death ultimately reunites everyone with their creator. Those left behind encounter struggles that can lead to questioning God. However, it is through those hardships that character is developed and strength is found. God understands the pain felt by those grieving. In the end Mr. Wolterstorff experiences the hope found through faith in God after death. Which is comfort and peace in knowing that his son was in the presence of God, doing what he loved while being free from suffering and