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Chapter 13 Outline

Looking Westward
Expansion was now at modern day U.S except Alaska, Hawaii, some adjustments.
Manifest Destiny- Became of of the factors driving white Americans look to the West.

Manifest Destiny
The idea that Americas was destined by God and history to expand over a vast area.
The westward expansion was a movement to spread both a political system and a racially defined society.
People were against expansion like Henry Clay which thought it would reopen slavery and threat the stability of the Union.

Americans in Texas
Twice thereafter the U.S. had offered to by Texas, only for Mexico to refuse.
Stephen Austin- Was the first to established legal American settlement in Texas- 1822
Recruited immigrants to gain power that competed with Mexico

Tensions Between the United States and Mexico
San Jacinto- Sam Houston led a battle against the Mexican and took Santa Anna prisoner, which would lead to the treaty of giving away Texas. Mex. tried to “Undo”
U.S. was against annexation because of sectional controversy, having a big slave state, and even a war with Mexico.

Dispute claims over the Oregon Territory between British and U.S. would lead to joint occupation for 20 years.
Settlers were started to move into Oregon which would out number the British and kill many Indians with diseases (revolt 1847). Mid 1840s settlers spread down the Pacific coast with the “Manifest Destiny”.
The U.S. gov. was urged by the pole to take the disputed Oregon Territory.

The Westward Expansion
Many Southerners would go to Texas, many went to Cali. for the gold rush. + Oregon.
Many went for a new life such in to make it rich with the gold rush or obtain the cheap land that the government would be selling.

Life on the Trail
Oregon Trail- 2000 miles long, major route, stretched from the great plains to the Rockies. If wanted to go south would go on the California Trail.
Gender roles came into play. Men would drive and repair, women would cook, clean, take care of children, women would work the most.
Life was tough, exhausting, many problems, loneliness, that came with the journey.

Expansion and War
The whites in the West wanted the gov. to annex Texas, Oregon, and other territory.
Wanted to push for war which became a triumph for the advocates of the Manifest Destiny.

The Democrats and Expansion
James K. Polk- Helped him win= that the re-occupation of Oregon and the re-annexation of Texas at the earliest practicable period are great American measures.
“Fifty-Four Fifty or Fight”, where american hoped to the the boundary of Oregon.
No war, obtain Oregon in 1845 on the boundary of the 49th parallel

The Southwest and California
The Texas boundary would be a dispute between Americans and the Mexicans on where the boundary lied. The border would be the Nueces river, north of Rio Grande.
America interests would rise in California with ships bartering goods or buy supplies, trade with mexicans and Indians, pioneering farmers.
Polk would claim California and New Mexico while Taylor controlled Texas.
The U.S. would respond sympathetically to a revolt against Mexican authority there.

The Mexican War
Slidell Mission- John Slidell would try to buy off Mexicans but they refused to buy/fight. Some said Mexicans crossed the Nueces river and attacked. Polk/Others voted war.
Bear Flag Rev.- American settlers and the navy would fight and claim Cali. in 1846.
Treat of Guadalupe Hidalgo- Nicholas Trist negotiated with the Mexican gov. and made a treaty which game the U.S. Cali. and N.M., Rio Grande was the border of Texas, and the U.S. paid 15 million in financial claims.

The Sectional Debate
Polk gradually earned the disrespect of the northerns and westerns who belied his polices favored the South at their expense.

Slavery and the Territories
Wilmot Proviso- Any land gained from Mexico should prohibited slaves. passed in the house but failed in the