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Randy Griffin
Business Marketing


First of all I don,t think Molly is correct in saying that it was a bad idea. I think the company failed to implement the new process in the correct manner. They forgot one big step. They didn't provide the proper TRAINING for their sales staff. Regardless of the type of service you sell, your prospect carries a high degree of risk and worry when buying. They really don't know what they'll get from you until after they spend their money and actually experience the service. During the sales process, all their buying is a promise that you'll do something for them. Prospects need something more tangible to help them justify their purchase decision because they need to make sure they're not going to feel buyer's remorse. And what is it they focus on? Price. It's the one tangible factor they can point to that helps them differentiate one service from another. The problem is that when you compete on price, no one really wins. This is where the proper training comes into play. Services are intangible and some way you have to make them tangible. Services are intangible--you can't see them, touch them, take them out of the box or demonstrate them. Yet this is exactly what you need to do to make them easier for your customers to buy them. They need to train their people on ways to make the service tangible. This can be accomplished several ways. Each of these techniques will help you create a distinct (tangible) advantage over other service providers and make your services easier to buy. First you need to turn your service into a product. This is one of the easiest places to start--it allows you to create a passive revenue stream, reach a larger audience than you could delivering your services directly, and "prove" your expertise. You'll create tip sheets, templates, worksheets and supporting educational pieces that share your…