Gril-Kleen Corporation Essay

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Overview Case

The Gril-Kleen Corporation are efforts to market its innovative product and the product is a liquid restaurant grill cleaner had been extremely successful. The product is a chemical solution which could be applied directly to a working grill and would clean off bumt-on food and accumulated grease in a matter of minutes. It appeared to have several major advantages over competing product.

Gril-Kleen Corporation had been developed by Ryan Warren and two brothers who owned a small, busy restaurant in Eastern Massachusetts. In early, had two method of cleaning grills used in a market it is carborundum “stone” or a wire mesh screen to scrub the grill clean. In dissatisfied with the product on the market, the two brothers
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Each of the market has its own pros and cons for the Gril-kleen Corporation to entry and its have shown as the following

Restaurant market
1. They are more familiar in this market and more understanding the costumer needs and wants because the product idea is come from the reason of dissatisfied with the product on the market.

2. Their product is so competitive and more effective and efficient in cleaning restaurant grills if compare to others product on the market.

3. They have been successful in introduced their product at the beginning as the product demand has increased. It’s interesting to let you know that the product could be so successful despite the lack of good planning. This shows that the potential of this product is quite high.

4. From library sources, Ryan estimated the national restaurant market at about $80 million a year, and learned that no single company held a dominant share of the market. This does give an opportunity to them to increase their market share as much as possible.
5. They already have their own primary customers which are 6 wholesale distributors. Thus they not need put a lot of effort to build a new channel if compare the other two markets.
1. They face a lot of competitors in this market such as Swell, Dubios, Easy-off, and Jifoam. These types of large companies have large advertising budgets to promote their product and wide distribution