Essay about Grinding Mills for Super Fine Carbon Black Powder

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Carbon black ultra fine powder grinding mill in Pakistan
Carbon black is a kind of amorphous carbon.Light, loose and very fine black powder, specific surface area is large, ranging from 10-3000 m2 / g,it is organic under the condition of insufficient air by the incomplete combustion and thermal decomposition products.The proportion of 1.8-2.1 say "gas", made of natural gas made from oil said "lamp black", made from acetylene said "acetylene black".In addition to "slot black", "furnace black".According to the carbon black could distinguish between the reinforcing carbon black, conductive carbon black, wear-resisting carbon black, etc.As a black dye, used in the manufacture of Chinese ink, printing ink, paint, etc., also used in the rubber reinforcing agent. Black carbon resources on a global scale distribution is very wide,Clirik machinery co., LTD produce all kinds of carbon black ultra fine powder grinding mill equipment, here is one of Pakistan clients to Clirik machinery co., LTD.,our engineers and the translator for him to do an introduction;

Clirik machinery co., LTD production of carbon black ultra fine powder grinding mill equipment includes several models of coarse grinding and fine grinding, coarse grinding mainly include high-pressure grinder, high micro pulverizer, high-pressure coarse grinding.Hung high pressure roller mill, no matter what kind of coarse powder mill equipment, its processing and the fineness of materials and production can be adjusted freely, general fineness is