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Grizzly man

Over the last week we have watched 4 documentaries. Of the four documentaries there were

two of them about animals. The first documentary was called “grizzly man” by Tim Tredwell. The

other was one done by Jane Goodall, called chimps in the wild. I found the documentary by Tredwell a

lot more appealing to me both visually and informatively. Tredwells documentary had a lot more

meaning to it then Goodalls. Tredwell had nothing else to live for his life literally was living with the

bears. And he proved this message very well. I liked how he had a meaning for being out there he

wasnt just going out into the wild for fame of doing it, he needed to change things in his life and for the

bears life. I liked how this documentary wasn’t just about the bears, it had a lot more to it. It showed

how treadwell was struggling with life and how he got him self back on track. This kept me very

interested in the movie and wanting to watch more. When its specifying on one thing i tend to loose

focus on whats going on. This was nice because it was about the bears but then took a break and

expanded a little more on Treadwell as a person. I really liked how they told us that Treadwell had

passed away at the beginning of the documentary because it got you in the right mood for the rest of the

documentary. When they flashed back to 10 hours be four his death it sort of haunted me inside

knowing that 10 hours