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Justin Huanca

Animals and Society

Grizzy Man

Some clues that the film provided about why Treadwell acted as he did is his

childhood and him growing up, and not really having anything when he got older but he

loved animals. Treadwell had nothing before the bears, no correct path after he dropped

out of college due to losing his swimming scholarship. The behavior of his part that

allowed him to live with the wild bears is that he was wild like them, and he loved the

bears more then anything. Treadwell would scream at the bears when they were acting up

and he made them back away with his screams. Most of the bears respected him, they

trusted him in a strange way. Some bears even played with Treadwell without hurting

him, and as we all know bears are huge creatures who can kill any man with his their

paws. The bears became so established and persisted with him for so long because

Treadwell was wild, and crazy like them.

There was evidence of a real bond between Treadwell and the bears. If there

wasn’t a bond between him and some of the bears he would not have been able to survive

the 12 summers he spent in Alaska with them. A bear would of attacked anyone who

came to close to it but not Treadwell because of the bond he had with them. Treadwell

spent many years with the bears so he saw them as cubs. He played with the cubs and

even as full-grown bears he played with them. This shows that Treadwell had a real bond

with the bears.

If I was required to behave as Treadwell did the species I would feel most called