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Chapter 27 1-6 AJLA
2. Shah Jahan portrait that is shown is in a rich in heroic light, symbolized by the ring of light, his clothing, weaponry and horse exquisite help show how rulers used arts to legitimize their rule. It makes them look wealthy and powerful.
4.3.II.B Land empires expanded dramatically in size.
Required examples of land empires:
3. –their location on the borders of the Byzantine empire afforded them ample opportunity to wage holy war. Captured Anatolian City of Bursa (became capital). Established foothold in Europe when they seized the fortress of Gallipolli. Edirne became second capital and was a base for expansion into Balkans. A formidable military machine drove Ottoman expansion. They organized ghazi recruits into 2 forces: light cavalry and a volunteer infantry. Janissaries (new troops) and they outfitted their forces with gunpowder weapons and used them effectively in battles and sieges. Capture of Constantinople by Mehmed opened a new chapter in Ottoman expansion. It became the new capaital subsequently known as Istanbul . Ottoman imperialism climaxed in the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent.
KC 4.3.I.B Rulers continued to use religious ideas to legitimize their rule.
4. The goal of a Sufi mystic was to recover the lost intimacy between God and the human soul, and to find the truth of divine knowledge and love through direct personal experience of God. Ismails father instructed Turkish followers to wear distinctive red hats w/ 12 pleats in memory of 12 imams (qizilbas) Safavid propagnaa suggested Ismail was the hidden Imam or an incarnation of Allah, most disregarded this but other accepted it as it resembled Turkish conceptions of leadership that associated military leaders with divinity and that ismail would make them invincible in battle.
5. With the aid of gunpowder weapons, (both artillery and firearms), Babur mounted invasions and took Delhi in 1526. His people wanted to leave the hot Indian