Ground Zero Suzanne Berne Analysis

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The phrase “Ground Zero” refers to the terrorist attack that happened on
September 11, 2001 in New York City. It’s commonly known as 9/11. This was one of the most devastating things that happened to the United States.
More than 2000 people lost their lives and the crash caused about 10 billion dollars’ worth of damage. The surprised attack destroyed the two towers of the World Trade Center, leaving America with a permanent scar.
In the Essay, Ground Zero, written by Suzanne Berne, tell readers about her extremely emotional experience to ground zero. She put readers into the shoes of actually being there and feeling the pain that people suffered through the event that took place in ground zero. The site where
The World Trade Center once stood
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Berne used words like, “respect,”
“incredulousness,” and “honor,” to show how the disaster impacted the people of America. The raising of the flags and the large amount of visitors express the feeling of admiration. “Pay my respect” and “Black coats” was phrases she used in her essay to show the feeling of grief that was in the air. Seeing firefighters pull out bodies and clean up all the debris gave bystanders the feeling of despair.

Berne uses tone to show how tragic and devastating this event was to people. “It is unbelievable” and “Takes quite awhile” are examples on how she uses tone to express the amount of disbelief in the people around her.
The sight of the scene had left American’s speechless. Berne also used
“great bowl of light,” emptiness that seems weirdly spacious,” and “little cemetery,” to make readers feel how tragic this event was to our nation.
She shows how this event caused so much damage to our nation as a whole.

Berne also uses figurative language as a major role in this writing to give readers a better image of what she was seeing. For example, “like a construction site,” she basically gives a picture of all machinery