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Group 4
Hoosier Burger, p. 149
a. Assume you are preparing the customer satisfaction questionnaire. What types of questions would you include? Prepare five questions.
-Are you satisfied with the quality of your order?
-When you received your order were there any mistakes?
-Was your order completed in a timely fashion?
-Would you recommend Hoosier Burger to your friends or family?
-If your answer to the previous question was no, why not?

b. What types of questions would you ask for the staff?
-Do you feel that your job could be made easier?
-Do you feel rushed?
-With the current system in place are you able to take orders accurately?
-Do you feel that customers are satisfied?
-What complaints, if any, have you received?
-Are you able to clearly understand the orders that are given?
-Do you feel that the kitchen is stocked with enough food?
-Does the kitchen have the tools you need to complete orders?
-Do you feel that customers are satisfied?

c. What types of documents are you likely to obtain for further study? What types of documents will most likely not be available? Why?

The types of documents that we're likely to obtain for further study probably include management reports, supplier invoice reports, cash register receipts, and possibly a business plan.

The types of documents that will most likely not be available include a written, formal organizational mission statement, organization charts, business policy manuals, job descriptions, and reports from prior organizational studies. This is because Hoosier Burger is a fairly small, new family business. They may not find it necessary to produce these documents until their business grows larger.

Petrie's Electronics, p. 151
1. What do you think are the sources of the information Jim and his team collected? How do you think they collected all of that information?

The sources of information Jim and his team collected are from key stakeholders inside the company, focus groups made up of loyal customers which were put together by Jim's marketing group, and also existing customer loyalty programs at other big industries.

Jim and his team collected all of this information by planning and interviewing key stakeholders, questioning loyal customers on what they would value in a customer loyalty program, and studying other companies' successful customer loyalty programs to get a sense of how their programs are so successful.

2. Examine PE Table 5-1. Are there any requirements or constraints that you can think of that were overlooked? List them.

-A version that also can run on smartphones.
-Allowing Petrie's electronics to easily analyze data and present stats on usage of the program.
-The ability to secure consumer data easily and to prevent customers from cheating the program.

-The need for massive storage of all consumer data
-The need to avoid over-complicated loyalty program as well as the software
-The ability to provide the rewards to many people and response time of the program.

3. If you were looking for alternative approaches for Petrie's customer loyalty program, where would you look for information? Where would you start? How would you know when you were done?

We would look for information by comparing our loyalty program to other companies’ loyalty programs. We would look at other companies’ vendor brochures, sales information, websites, and would also ask our current customers how they use other company loyalty programs.

We would start by using Google search as well as studying local businesses and franchises in the area with a customer loyalty program. We could also look in trade journals or from vendors.

We would know when we were done when we can’t find any more new information or methods about implementing a loyalty system. After