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Group Assignment 2 - Graded
1) The relationship between branding and outsourcing, according to Klein, is that companies focus more on branding rather than product hence the seeking for cheap labor, material and low taxes. The solution to this is outsourcing. They don’t want to commit themselves with payments and contracts so they can invest that money to explore the brand reason why Naomi
Klein says that “in every industry temporary contracts are replacing full, secure employment.” because “if one thing is certain :offering employment has fallen out of economic fashion.”
Charles Handy says savvy companies prefer to see themselves as ‘organizers’ of collections of contractors, as opposed to ‘employment organizations’.
2) Brands in HULT are so important that even though we come from different parts of the world we still use the same brands (i.e. Apple products) which gives us a clear understanding of the influential power brands have on us. If Apple was outed as abusive, unfortunately students at
HULT, from our perspective, wouldn’t change their habits, however, if this outing had an impact on trends (like social media impact) maybe HULT would stop embracing the products.
3) Using famous people known as role models to promote Obama’s campaign is a marketing strategy. In the music video we can see a mix of Obama’s own brand and the artists’s brand using the repetition of the famous slogan “Yes, we can” and their musical/acting attributes.
People would then start identifying…