Group Case Study: A Group Project For A History Class

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Case Study #1
After reading the case study involving a group project for a history class, it was made very clear that the group had some issues that needed to be resolved. Work was not getting done and it seemed almost inevitable that they would fail this project due to a lack of group effort. Some of the key problems that were noticeable during their group project included some serious communication deficits and horrible time management leading to some member giving up almost completely. Some members of the group were even guilty of social loafing. During their allotted class time they could have organized a specific part for each group member to do on their own time since it was difficult for each of them to meet face to face, the idea of exchanging e-mails was a wonderful thought but each group member was not held accountable for their own information. The group should have thought of numerous or the most convenient form of communication for each member. Some principles of teamwork that could really give their group an energy boost and make them feel connected could include, but or not limited to, having clear and specific goals, well defined group responsibilities, and having a coordinated and collaborative method of accomplishing the work. Even having a good leader would have helped this mess of a group. From reading this case study it seems like the group is having some very real problems in their route of communication which as I read the text communication is key in almost any relationship. It seems like each of the group members are possibly not being valued as being part of the team. Instead of talking positively about each other and being supportive, some of the members are being negative and talking badly about one another. Since they are not being supportive towards each group member this seems to have brought the whole groups morality down. Due to the negative effects of the morality of the group this could completely leave some members feel like possibly giving up all together. If the group would manage the interaction between each of them effectively that would most likely help immensely. Another helpful thing to do would be to maintain a task focus and summarize what has been or should be accomplished so