Group Case Study AIDS Essay

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Group Case Study: AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival
International Marketing
Mark McAteer, Elizabeth Kean, Bria Cancemi, Gabrielle Verdon

Part One - Situation Analysis:

Claiming the lives of millions across the globe, AIDS has become a growing epidemic over the past few decades. Organizations including UNAIDS and NACO are working hard to raise awareness and prevent further cases of HIV from developing. There is a large gap in the number of people who have contracted aids in poor countries and developed nations. The people in countries including those in South America and Asia have a very high risk of contracting aids, which is why raising awareness, and marketing condoms in these poor countries are crucial. Taking a look a Brazil, many feel as though condoms are not necessary. Little do they know, this carelessness is exactly what has caused the spread of this deadly virus. Action has been taken to raise awareness by supplying free condoms throughout the country. Since Brazil is considered a poor country the price of condoms is a cause for the lack of use. Many people with low income are not able to afford these condoms. $300 million dollars have been spent on these condoms along with medicine for the virus. Marketing strategies have to be just right in order to persuade men and women to practice safe sex. An idea to raise awareness at Brazilian events sounds like a great idea. There will be a large crowd to capture attention from. In India, barbershops are a popular place where some people have decided to give out free condoms. In their culture, many are not open to expressing that they have sex. This is where the idea to give them out at barbershops came from. Since India has one of the highest HIV rates in the world, condoms need to be used to prevent more spreading of the virus. Men can come together and be open about having sex around other men which is why the barer can easily inform and persuade his clients to use condoms by giving them out free. The slums of India are where the issue stands. Along with Brazil, people in these parts of Asia are not able to afford or supply condoms. Selling them as cheap as possible is what is necessary. Some local shop owners have been coming together with local health groups to continue to raise awareness and provide condoms. There has been a breakthrough with the London International Group, which is a latex development group. They are responsible for the production of the Durex condom that is popular worldwide. Teaming up with this company to market condoms across the globe will be greatly beneficial to prevent the AIDS virus from reaching more people than it already has up to now. What is the future for this AIDS movement? The marketing techniques utilized will tell whether or not people will be influenced by those who are promoting safe sex for AIDS prevention. Conducting a SWOT analysis to see which strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats lie inside continuing to market and promote condoms as a safe sex method to raise awareness of AIDS as well as define to problem.
Save lives
Create a healthy environment for sex
Numerous AID prevention groups to partner with

Reaching people with low income

Big Market
Communities responsive to advocates
Large events
Programs lasting due to outside reliance
High number of infected people There are multiple factors to take into consideration when deciding how to market condoms for AIDS prevention. Strengths that can be used to marketers advantage is that using condoms ultimately saves lives. Millions die from aids while the number of infected people grows annually. Life is precious which is why using life, as a method of market will have a strong message. My going through with marketing condoms to raise awareness lives will be saved along with creating a healthy environment. In countries like India and Brazil where there is