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Dysfunction 3: Commitment (7.8)

Better communication
Not fully open with each other regarding problems and concerns
Likely due b/c we are a new team
Perhaps leave issues unresolved?
Lose Commitment...when we are moving too fast and need to dive deeper

We are all committed...

Dysfunction 2: Fear of Conflict (7.0)

Sometimes our meetings are less dynamic than other times.
Ensure everyone has the opportunity to express opposing opinions w/confidence.
While we discuss the most important issues
We need more healthy conflict...Constructive

Dysfunction 5: Inattention to Results (7.0)

To date we haven’t had bad results...if we did our group would be challenged in a new way
We have been effectively assigning lead roles relative to areas of expertise
However everyone may be on different levels of understanding
We are committed to increase the group understanding.
We give credit but we have been slow to seek credit individually
Teaching each other

Dysfunction 1: Absence of Trust (6.2)

Appears as though we have a mutual respect for one another and are process of developing trust...time will likely dictate the evolution of our team/individual trust

However have not fully disclosed our in this are is required.

So far we are all pretty conscience of our preferred behavior towards one another

Need to spend more time outside of group work together to solidify group dynamic

We need to establish a baseline understanding of subject matter amongst all members of the team to strengthen our overall knowledge base.