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Introduction In the studying of the Business Capstone, I have learnt how to apply my business knowledge within a real competitive business environment. Throughout the course, I have improved my professional skills in market positioning analysis and financial analysis as well as the skill in business communication. First of all, the reflections paper is the report of my collaboration and contribution as well as team interactions. Secondly, the reflections paper will show my strengths and weakness, and the improvement I have made in performance as an effective team member. At last, the paper will also give a general summary of the knowledge I gained. My collaboration and contribution There is a heavy weight on teamwork in this unit. As I mentioned in my first online journals before, I was using discussion approach when interacted with the other team member in the first group meeting. At the beginning, I was confused of the simulation game as I did not have a clear direction of how can we achieve the goal. I suggested share all the information we have already known and discuss our company’s strategy and goal. In the 1st peer evaluation, I got 4.0 as my contribution and participation were effective and useful. I am willing to listen to my group mates while they have other ideas. During the discussions, the other team members accepted my opinions and agreed that my participation was important and useful. I expected to be iterative decision maker and learn how to develop the leadership as well as more critical analysis practice within my team. I made all decisions by meeting our strategy. For example, I wanted to introduce a new product into the High End segments because the initial strategy is focusing on the product lifecycle. However, after few times of discussions, I followed the group decision to change the strategy in the later rounds. I major in accounting and finance so that I put more focus on the sales forecasting and the finance part. I did well preparation of the calculation and data analysis before the group meeting in order to smoothen the decision making process. I gave my opinion on how we can finance the investment to benefit the company and shared all the useful information I had gotten from the preparation tasks with the group mates. In the first round, I made a calculation mistake of sales forecast so that we had too many inventories on hand, which resulted in emergency loan. After that I had reviewed the unsuccessful decision and I tried many times to figure out most accurate forecast to meet the market demand. Finally my analysis helped our group to avoid emergency loan in the following rounds. In the second peer evaluation I was given 4.7. In the last few rounds, I became more active to express my understandings and analysis of all aspects of the simulation. As the game approached to the end, our team ranked the first three places. All of us were satisfied with the outcome. I feel that my group members have given me fair and objective evaluation as 4.8 in the last peer evaluation regarding my involvement. Team collaboration and interactions Throughout the unit, all team members attended the weekly group meeting on time. The group discussions were enriched as each of us comes from different major so that we can share with and learn from each other. At the beginning of the game, all of us were hesitated to choose the strategy of our company. Although we had a loss during the practice rounds, we found out the causes of the problems after the review and tried to use the weakness as strengths in the simulation rounds. Any ideas were welcome to be carried out during the discussions and decision making. There were no major conflicts between the members but few arguments occurred when we discussed the selection of the strategy. Faced to few negative outcomes, we encouraged each other and made a major decision that we should change the strategy in order to reach the goal. Due to the great