Essay on Group Dynamics

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Corey Smith
April 8, 2015
Professor Hart
Group Dynamics Paper

My group experience at Burger King provided me with an unforgettable amount of knowledge. Working with unpredictable personalities proved to be a rewarding involvement complete with lessons, a series of conflicts, encouragement, and team building. Although, my duration of employment was short lived, I still feel like, I learned everything I needed to know for how to work in a group. Burger King Restaurant serves only one purpose; that is, customer satisfaction. Hiring managers at stores usually choose people that are capable of working efficiently with a team. Personally, I think that’s how I got hired for the job. I remember nervously filling out the application, thinking about the job. Luckily, the hiring manager felt I would work well with a team and thought I had a personable attitude. On my first day, I worked at the register on an exceedingly busy Saturday. Every time I looked up, a customer and their family was walking through the door with an empty stomach. I was trained with a manager on how to work the register for an hour. After that, I felt I had the capability of tendering orders. However, I was completely wrong. I called my manager over to assist me anytime I felt lost; personally, I knew she was irritated, feeling that I shouldn’t have been placed on the register my first day of the job. Nevertheless, she still marched over (with her attitude) and helped me. I noticed as she assisted every time, she always mumbled “Here! I know you can do this. Just stay calm and look for the button”. It took me awhile to process her words of encouragement because it was concealed by her powerful voice of frustration. After a while, I finally learned how to operate the register without any help of my co-workers or managers. From that, I felt a since achievement knowing that my manager believed that I could work the register by myself. Although, she had an attitude, I still thanked her for her encouragement. As time graduated, I learned how to multi-task working in the front. I always thought that I would only work the register; however, I was wrong. My co-worker taught me how to multi-task working in the front by bagging orders, taking orders in drive-thru, and cleaning the lobby. At first, I thought this would be extremely complicated due to my first day on the register. Luckily, I soon found out that it wasn’t so hard. All that I need to was pay attention and move quickly. Thanks to my co-worker, I quickly mastered multi-tasking the front counter. After getting use to my co-workers (group), I quickly learned that working at a fast food restaurant in the hot summer isn’t fun. One day, as I walked into the restaurant to start my 3pm-11pm shift, I learned that the one of the registers in drive-thru and one at the front counter had completely shut off. Also, the monitors for bagging food had shut down also. Since I had never been thru is, I started to complain about what haven’t been done since my shift was about to start. Once my co-worker overheard me complaining, she started lashing out at me and we began battling each other with our words. I felt so strongly about my co-workers not having the restaurant clean, since we are all trained to multi-task and have everything done for the next arriving shift. My