Group Dynamics Final Exam

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Anna Arce
Professor Cirillo
May 14, 2014
Group Dynamics Final Exam
1. Throughout the group process I took on the roles of the coordinator, summarizer and secretary. I would often take control of what I thought the group should be doing, I would try to pull together all of our ideas together and figure out what information was actually useful for our group. Once all of our ideas and information were on the table I would take them and organize them so it would be easier for our group to put it down on paper. Once everything was well organized I took my other group members papers and typed up our paper and I also put together the PowerPoint for my group.
2. Every group member brought their own strengths and weakness to the group, my strengths was taking the group ideas and putting them down on paper. It may have seem controlling to some of the other group members because I did the majority of the group work outside of class. The next time around I should try and let the group members see the work I’m doing step by step instead of taking all of the work and just them seeing the finished project.
3. I was only a leader towards the end of the of the group meetings. When I did take on the leadership role I was an autocratic leader, once my group members gave me all the information they wanted to put into the project I took upon myself to be the group member to type everything up and put together our PowerPoint. I did all of my work outside of the classroom.
4. I had missed more than half of our group meetings, even though I had kept in touch with my group members. My group members reassured me they didn’t mind as long as all of our work was finished. I did feel bad that I wasn’t there for them when I should have been even though we worked everything out.
5. When we had first started our group topic was tattoos; we spent a few weeks speaking about it and trying to figure out how we would go about presenting about our topic. It was soon to be discovered that we were all struggling with our topic and decided to switch it. None of us had been quite up front about it but when we figured out that we were all having trouble we decided that it would be best to approach our professor about our problem. Once we got the okay to switch topics we each played an equal part in choosing a new topic.
6. Throughout