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Group Behavior in Organizations

MGT415: Group Behavior in Organizations

Groups can be effective or it can be non-effective. Different type of group and activities performed there are some levels of commitment and participation. When join groups the first thing comes up to our mind is “how good is the group”. Different groups offer something to each individual.
Communication is very important for any group to be effective. “Group communication is primarily analyzed according to the patterns of communication among group members and the factors that facilitate its effectiveness” (Joining Together: Group Theory and Group Skills, 10th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions p. 165). I believe a two way communication is necessary to the development of an organization. If the communication is poor, it can result in loss of business and positions within an organization. At Time Warner Cable leader of a group receives information and coordinates tasks to group members. Each group member's morale is increased and efficient problem solving is successful through influence and leadership.
It is important that groups can offer support to individuals and members. Our group always depends on each in order to be effective. The company maintain a well team communication with leaders and management throughout the region and this allows us to be a very business successful. Always we keep in mind the important for group members to demonstrate leadership skills. An effective group would always bring diversity and excellent values that increase team development and motivation.
“Group goals reflect the members’ aspirations.…