Group Ethics

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Group Ethics
Kana Crumby
Liberty University

This paper seeks to examine group and individual therapy models to determine which model is most successful based on empirical evidence and case studies that will be reviewed and discussed within this paper. All age ranges will be looked at when making the determination as to which model is superior and results in more successful and long-term solutions for the needs of the individual going through therapy. Further, this paper seeks to establish and understand the parameters of ethics as it relates to group therapy. A conclusion will be drawn based on the evidence reviewed. This research paper addresses the hot topic of ethics in groups. Based on the topic, it highlights
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Ethics stretch across all professions but most importantly ethics play an important role in counseling. A counselor is entrusted with the most internal and tumultuous struggles of a human being and is expected to provide guidance and professional help to those who cannot help themselves. A counselor is often faced with ethical decisions that must be faced within the group or individual setting.
A Brief History of Group Therapy
Group therapy is a recent phenomenon, emerging as a standard procedure around the early part of the 20th century (Kemp, 2010). Many names appear as the forerunners of group therapy, such as Maxwell Jones, an early enthusiast and pioneer who traveled around the world consulting on mental health for the World Health Organization (Kemp,2010). The idea of group therapy stemmed from the creation of what was termed³therapeutic communities.´ Kemp defines therapeutic communities as having qualities of belonging, governance, communication, interdependence and participation (2010).Therapeutic communities are what are known today as ³groups´ or ³group counseling.´ It is thanks to the pioneering of the early psychologists that today’s professionals enjoy the norm of group counseling.
A report from Lehigh University explains why group therapy works and why it is widely used. When people come into a group and interact freely with other group members, the difficulties that brought them to individual