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Group Analysis paper

In order to analyze our group it is important I identify what makes a group. A group consist of more than three members, “Two members have personal relationships; with three or more there is a change in quality” of the personal relationship. (Bion 1961) The group must have a common goal to find a solution.
As groups become larger, cliques are more likely to develop. Cliques usually become the “leaders” of the group because of the influence it has compared to an individual. In our group, no one decided to instantly become the leader. We spent the first couple days forming just trying to get the feel for personalities in the group. Once we figured out our roles in the group the real work began. After discussing topics to talk about in our presentation we finally decided and everyone started researching. I was the main researcher in the product after the group agreeing for me to do so. Will offered to write the introduction while Amber said she would make the Power Point.
There was a period of about two more days where the group really just didn’t get anywhere. The lack of communication that came about almost ruined our chances of getting the paper done. After we all realized that we needed to step up, everyone worked together to get it done. Andrew found a different outline that in the end leads us to success after adding internal summaries and previews along with transitions.

The reasoning behind my questionnaire having such a