Group Expansion Proposal: A Case Study

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Proposal Company X is a community-based advocacy group that requires substantial revisions to its current workforce structure. This proposal will take into account the relationship between the workforce culture and the ability of Company X to provide comprehensive service delivery while enhancing the current workforce. This plan will also recommend changes to personnel that will address retention and program distribution, and alter the state of the agency for the better. Changes will state that address staff and volunteer recruitment better serve the community. Finally, current trends will utilized that will maximize human resources to benefit the culture of Company X and the citizens of Jackson County.

Structure and Culture

The vision of Company X is to improve the quality of health for all Jackson County residents this can achieve by increasing the current workforce of volunteers, adding a volunteer manager, and offering paid staff positions. Involvement of volunteers can expand connections within the community, inject passion and energy into the culture at Company X, and open doors to new sources of funding (Gill, 2010). The Executive Director will have additional support from an administrative assistant; this position will lighten the clerical duties and allow for improved oversight of the agency. Board members will have increased involvement in
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This proposal will overview the existing structure of Company X and recommend and a new strategic plan. The proposed project will positively impact the culture of Community X while keeping the mission in the forefront. Current advances in the human services field have been incorporated and will enhance the state of the agency and positively impact the delivery of services for Jackson County Residents.

Current State of the