Group Facilitation Project: Post-Analysis

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Post-Analysis of Group Facilitation Project

The group facilitation project was a great experience and I learned a lot about myself in the process. There were many challenges to creating a plan and putting it into action. Several class concepts and theories were used to carry out our facilitation including, the five stages of the nursing process, Peplau’s nurse patient relationship, motivational interviewing principles and OARS. The peace and power theory represents the group dynamics and roles of my partner and I during the project. The class also had a great impact on the success of our facilitation. Different group dynamics and roles were presented in our presentation, which contributed to the success of our project.
Overview of group
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I believe that this group facilitation project served as an opportunity to teach the class new concepts and ideas using activities related to our topic. According to Huitzi-Egilegor, J. (2014), the nursing process is the work method used in nursing and permits a logical analysis, research, analytical reasoning and the development and application of technical, interpersonal or relational and communications care. The five steps of the nursing process are: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and, finally, evaluation. During our facilitation, this model was used to develop, put into action and evaluate the final product. For the purposes of this project we mainly implemented assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. Our initial assessment began when we looked at the project outline and marking rubric to aid in the development of a plan. Once a rough outline was developed, the planning stage followed. Finding an article that pertained to our specific topic and receiving approval from my instructor was challenging. I had trouble finding an article that was appropriate for our presentation and I used my instructor as a …show more content…
My partner and I each contributed our own member roles and dynamics and I thought that we worked well together. During a group project I learned that I am most confortable in a leadership role. Chinn P. (2014), describes the peace and power theory which suggests for a group to work well together there must be a balance between peaceful interactions in the group as well as empowerment for all, and constructive ways to address the individual and group power. The peace and power model supports the group dynamics that were presented in my group. My partner and I both had strong opinions of what we thought would work best, but in order for us to work well together we developed an informal system represented by this theory. Throughout the process of putting together our presentation, I learned that I could still be a leader and also allow my partners input and contributions. Our project would not have been a success without class participation. During our opening activity, we asked each member to write down his or her own experiences of anxiety to stimulate self-reflection. I found it interesting that some group members really took the time to write in great detail their experiences, while others were quick to complete the activity with little thought. During our main group activity we assigned each member a type of anxiety to act out while my partner and I carried