Group Goal Essay

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Setting agenda is maybe the most difficult part during our project, the reason is everyone have quietly different schedule, even if we the TA break the group according to the schedule we handed in. there still have a lot of different problems and the conflicts hard to avoid. At first we try to find an activity that fit everyone’s time, however due to multiple reason, we changed our schedule again and again. In this progress, half of the group member have time problem. After deciding the activity, we need to hand in the group proposal, whereas it is too difficult to get us all together and finish the paper, we decide to break the papers in six parts, so that everyone can work it themselves and we can put It all together at last. amy need to write bout the timeframe, she need write the entire schedule for our activity. After deciding the activity, we need went to there on time, lixin do not know how to drive, so she asked Tom drove she there. The “plays bingo with old peoples” activity requires people who come here need to bring a gift under ten dollars as a prize for the winners. So before she gets there, she went to get some small present in the supermarket. When Lixin and Tala arrived the eldercare, Shelly and Charlie are already there, Tim and Alex arrived later. After the activity, is our group presentation, we decided to break the presentation into small pieces, just like what we do in the group proposal. amy was in charge of the conclusion, she need to