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The Anchor Brand has been produced since 1886, a farmer named Henry Reynolds launched the Anchor brand from a dairy factory at Pukekura, Waikato. The tattoo on a worker’s arm gave him the inspiration to have the brand logo. By the development of over 120 years, the Anchor brand has become a global company which its production is sold to Australia, Europe and Asian, it is also prestigious at home country and abroad. [1]

During the more than 125 years developing of Anchor Brand, they have worked to produce the innovative and high quality New Zealand dairy products to meet the demands of market. The dairy products are suitable to children, adults and the aged so that can be satisfied by the nutritional requirement of all families. The products are included cheese, milk, butter and cream. [2] As the milk for example, it not only makes our bones, teeth and hair stronger but also improve the quality of sleep, increase build muscles and prevent the osteoporosis. Anchor aims to produce the pure and best tasting New Zealand milk to every people as a mission. By the different level of fat, there are divided to lite, trim and blue top milks. [3]

New Zealand has the best ranches because of the perfect environment to give cow wonderful home. The milk directly from farms will be delivered to factory, the quality controllers test will make sure the milk meets anchor’s high standards; otherwise, it’s rejected right then and there, during the delivery, the temperature will be kept at 7 degree centigrade. [4] then the milk will be collected and processed, it is separated to cream and skim milk, depends on the standardization of fat content, the milk will be produced to blue milk which with 3.3% fat and the lite mill with 1.5% fat. Not only the fat content needs to be controlled, but also the homogenization will make sure the taste and nutrition of the last drop are some with the first tasting. The last step is using pasteurization to heat the milk to 72 degree Celsius for 15 seconds and