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The trend: physical store and online shopping
1. overview of the trend and its emergence (physical store-online shopping) 300words what is the trend, introduction of the history shopping physical store
SCOPE: in india (this is a newer concept and has some interesting adaptations for local consumer behaviour 9payment in cash on receipt etc)

background, emergence(when did online shopping first came out and when it become popular and the dominant trend in the world)

2. discuss the trend’s impact on consumer behaviour (connection with theories) explain how the trend (shopping in physical store changed to shopping online) changed how consumer behave/ the way consumers make decisions

theories used:
1) purchase involvement and types of decision making (habitual,limited,extended)
2) hierarchy of needs (social needs-comments, comments on online shops; physiological needs—online order food delievery)
3) hierarchy of effects (low involvement hierarchy)
4) influences on decision :Decision-making(WEEK8) ‘information search’ and ‘evaluation of alternatives’

explain how has the trend impacted/ changed how consumers process information from the external environment theories: 1) behavioural learning theories (classical conditioning-stimulus generalisation and stimulus discrimination; observational learning/modeling)
2) consumer learning (processes)

3. develop a creative marketing solution—‘Home fitting’
1) what is it? Serive of home experience service

try before you buy online-delivery service to save time and convenience and willing to pay a bit more for the service including small tailoring adjustments.

more detail on how it works- timing of it : how soon after you pick the clothes online—in 48hours from order will they bring it home for you to try? —yes, only 10 dollars delivery fee one time ( maximum 10 clothes)
Do they just drop off and pick up or do they