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Principles Of Finance (B)

26 February 2015


Winter 2015

Group Project

Gurpreet Singh
Juan Jose Sanchez
Kevin Sarreri
Phaa Rowe
Milos Smiljanic

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Structure, Planning and Reason 3
Risk, Assets, Liabilities and Management Issues 4
Investment Strategies: 6
EU Stocks: 6
Gold 7
Oil 8
Renewable energy 9
UK Treasury Bills 10
Portfolio 11
Conclusion 11


In this day and age, business is the path of our development as the human species, leading innovation in technology and medication, to giving each person the opportunity to not only improve their conditions and lifestyle but to explore even further and create even more. From East to West businesses drive each individual country’s economy, all interlinking to what we know as the global economy itself. However, each individual economy and its local stocks may excel more than others and not all whom are interested in these investments have the accessibility or the knowledge to play the stocks they wish to bet on. This is where AxoGlobal takes the award.

AxoGlobal is an investment and asset management company based in the United States. We have been serving the pensioners and investors of the Americas for over 20 years, breaking the barrier between the West and East. AxoGlobal invests funds from the United States into the United Kingdom’s stock markets, focusing on the best of the best of FTSE 100 ensuring high return without the high risk.

Specializing in investment opportunities we have built our portfolio through intensive research to reduce unsystematic risks whilst maintaining high and stable returns. AxoGlobal is a close-ended mutual fund, allowing for security and book-value growth. With the great success AxoGlobal has achieved the company is looking to expand our services to the people of South America, giving potential investors the ability to invest in the UK’s booming economy. South America’s pension fund is one of the world’s rapidly growing, which is why we are making a proposal as AxoGlobal sees a great potential in the continent. We would like to give the people of South America the opportunity to invest abroad, to invest in the stability that the European and British markets offer.
Structure, Planning and Reason

The United States of America is the most influential, efficient and successful country in terms of raising private funds to invest in equities, government bonds, futures, derivatives and many other markets that are available for investment. Last year on its own the United States raised several trillions of dollars in private fund raisings in order to invest in the world market. Throughout the years the coverage over the American market has grown and with companies having profitability all over the world it is imperative for a business to expand its borders. This means that AxoGlobal as a mutual fund must diversify its investments and gain participation in foreign markets as well. Primarily the most attractive market for our American and rest of the world investors is located in the UK. As the market is way more open than the Asian market and includes far less taxes than the rest of Europe in addition to the fact that it is the second largest stock market in the world. As a mutual fund the markets that the UK offers are very interesting because it offers a safe and strong currency of payment. The British pound has been one of the currencies with the lowest amount of inflation over the years, yet today’s situation offers an advantageous situation as the American dollar is at its strongest exchange rate towards the pound. The Investors that we are looking for are from South America in special.
Last year the United Kingdoms market offered a highly profitable return to its investors. As a matter of fact there was a huge amount of private investments within the United Kingdom as a response to the speculation that the European markets were collapsing as well as the speculation