Group Research Assignment

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Group Research Assignment 1 Use your group members Homework Assignments 1 and the revised documents prepared in class. Choose only one company/product that the group wants to work on for the Group Research Project. USE THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS Company and Background Information Provide the name of the company chosen. Describe its location for a head office, brief details of the operation, their products or services, and target customers. Management Decision Problem Your company wants to increase their International Sales by 15. To do this they have to enter a new international marketplace or expand in an existing one. This requires the company to develop a marketing research project that will generate information to help the business create and implement a good marketing plan. To do this the company created four teams. Each team will do separate research on just one of the 4 Ps. Your group is Team 1 and must choose to focus on only one of the 4 Ps Product (features and benefits), Promotion (communication), Place (location of business operations), or Price (value propositions with target market). A well-stated decision problem takes the managers perspective, is as simple as possible, and takes the form of a question. Step 3 Pg. 17-18 Write the management decision problem for your group project using the choices your group has made and the set-up described. Research Problems, Questions and Objectives A research problem is a restatement of the decision problem in research terms, from a researchers perspective. A research problem states specifically what research can be done to provide answers to the decision problem. Write 3 5 Research Problems for your Team Project. Additional Project Details Briefly describe the