PMPG 5000 Group Assignment

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PMPG 5000 – Group Assignment Cover Page

Instructor Name:
Teresa Kucheran

Assignment Name:
Statement of Work

Group Number:

Date of Submission:
January 20th, 2015

The following students were present for the group discussion and contributed to the assignment as indicated:

Student Name
Contribution to Assignment
1.Veronica Osmikhovska
Described in detail the Objectives for the SOW.
2.Allisha Samuels
Refined and elaborated the Scope statement for the SOW.
3.Diptima Lamba
Described in detail the constraints for the SOW and also compiled the Statement of Work.
4.Harsimranjit Singh
Described in detail the assumptions for the SOW.
5.Chaitali Patel
Completed the meeting minutes, purposes, agendas and decisions made. Printed the final assignment.
6.Nitesh Kumar Tahariya
Refined and elaborated the Background statement for the SOW.

The following students were absent for the group discussion and could not contribute to the assignment:

Student Name

Meeting Notes
Group Number: 10
Date: January 15th, 2015
In Attendance:
Veronica Osmikhovska
Allisha Samuels
Diptima Lamba
Harsimranjit Singh
Chaitali Patel
Nitesh Kumar Tahariya


Meeting Purpose/Agenda:
1. Agree on the topic for the Group Project assignment.
2. Discuss and brainstorm the background, objectives, scope, constraints and assumptions that could be included in the Statement of Work for the project assignment.
3. Assign tasks to each team member for the completion of the Statement of work in time.
4. Decide on the deadlines for submission of individual contribution for the Statement of Work.
5. Determine the method to review and compile the final Statement of Work.

Decisions Made:
1. With consensus, an agreement was made for the group project assignment topic.
2. The background, objectives, scope, constraints and assumptions were discussed and notes on the same were made for the completion of the Statement of Work.
3. Each team member was assigned a sub-section from the Statement of Work that needed to be refined and proof-read for the final submission.
4. Date for submission of each sub-section was determined to be by Sunday, January 18, 2015.
5. Method for reviewing and