Group writing with citation Essay

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Group writing can be beneficial in a number of ways. A combination of brain power is good for creating ideas and, accomplishing goals within a specific time frame. Working in a group also gives students an exceptional opportunity to witness how other team members prefer to write. Each individual has the chance to ruminate on their own skills as they learn about the writing process and strategies of others. In addition, team members will offer a diversity of skills that will set them apart from other members of the team. Working in a group naturally involves some degree of cooperation, which will also facilitate one’s ability to successfully work with others in the future. However, team work can sometimes be stressful, and demanding because there are several opinions and a variety of writing styles to combine into one final piece that everyone has to agree upon. Respect also plays an essential role when working as a team. One should always show his or her colleagues courtesy by paying close attention, participating in group discussions, arriving on time for arranged group meetings, submitting drafts within the specified time frame, contributing constructive feedback, and taking accountability for his or her proper share of assignments. Being that there are several members exploring resources and working towards completing the same assignment, certain matters may take more time than others in order to reach a final conclusion. For example determining and settling on a topic everyone agrees upon may take an extended amount of time. This is why getting started early is one of the most important factors when constructing a group essay. Essays conducted as a team should always be pursued within an organized structure. Scheduling is a lot less flexible when working as a whole instead of completing an assignment on one’s own time. Members are able to complete a lot of work individually; still arranging group discussions can be very beneficial, and productive, when assuring everyone is own the same