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CAFS Assignment

The aged are persons aged 65 and over. Within the Australian society there are both positive and negative attitudes towards the aged such as; they are frail and weak, they are too traditional, they have life experience, have great experiences and they are dependant on their families. Aged people living in rural or remote areas have limited access to medical, transport and social resources. Therefore as they lose their independence they rely on family and friends, which can cause them to feel burdensome, and become depressed. Carers are often overworked so therefore the aged needs may not be met as they become lonely and isolated.

A homeless person is someone that has inadequate access to safe and secure housing. Major issues for homeless people are issues such as health, housing, education, safety and security. The living costs of rent and the lack of public housing available threatens the safety of the homeless. For example homeless people are reaching out trying to find housing and are being turned away due to the lack of suitable housing. Also it can be very difficult for the youth homeless to regularly attend school. For example a youth homeless does not have access to transport therefore cannot get to school. Therefore in the long run that means low employment opportunities due to their lack of resources as a child.

The homeless are people with inadequate access to safe and secure housing. Homeless are often viewed by society as powerless, as money and education are limited to the homeless. For example the homeless have no education have a lack of education, therefore they are not provided with the social skills to find a job. However some individuals of the homeless society may have been well educated when they were younger and learnt how to read and write. In this case the higher educated homeless would have more power than the homeless who did not have access to education. Therefore the higher educated have more power as they have the social skills and the ability to find a job and try to get their lives back on track.

The aged are people aged 65 and over. The aged make positive contributions to the community such as volunteer work, provide childcare and baby-sitting their grandchildren. The aged provide the service to their children to baby-sit their grandchildren. By offering their children the opportunity to baby-sit the grandchildren, the parents of the grandchildren are able to go to work without worrying about childcare. This also lessens the demand for childcare facilities in the community. The aged also do volunteer work for organisations such as meals on wheels. The aged do this to help the aged that cannot provide for themselves. By the healthier aged providing a service to the elder people that are not physically able to do things for themselves.

Homosexuality is a sexual attraction between two humans of the same gender. Society nor the government does not treat gay and lesbian couples equally. Gay and lesbian couples are not treated equally when it comes to marriage. Under Australian law, it is illegal for couples of the same sex to participate in marriage. On the other hand heterosexual couples are allowed to participate in the ritual of marriage. In this case the government is not treating the homosexual population equally by not allowing them the same rights of marriage as heterosexual couples. The main equity issue with homosexuals and marriage is the legislation against homosexuals and marriage; this legislation is neither fair nor just.

In order for homosexual couples to be treated equally when it comes to marriage, a management strategy needs to be implemented as the Marriage Legislation Amendment Act 2004, needs to be reformed in order for homosexuals to be treated equally. In order for this to happen, the general society needs to recognise that homosexuals should be treated equally as they are. Society needs to create and sign