GROW Assessment of Options unit 15 m1 Essay

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GROW: Assessment of Options (M1)

Gaining more experience and knowledge of the job
Being able to know key areas of the chosen job before taking part in the job.
Money used to pay of university fees could lead to student buying in debt.
The better the course, the more the fee would be to take part in it
If not living in local area, the campus is expensive to pay off

It will give a much better knowledge of the working conditions whilst working.
Getting paid to work and to be trained.
Even though candidate will be learning about the role they are doing but they will be getting paid at the same time.
The wages given are not as large as the original jobs.
It is only for a short amount time (duration would normally be up to around 2-3 years).
Would be working full time however getting paid a minimal part time wage.

Allows the individual to make decisions towards future adjustments in terms of education and work
During this time, the individual can get a full time job and save money to be able to
The duration of the year, good jobs and good education places could be taken up
A lot of time could be wasted if not participated in any job.
That period of which the gap year is taken, not a lot of education would be taken place.
Can cause laziness and could carry over to when the candidate goes back to education, effecting his final grade.

Could progress in work effectively concluding to raises and promotions.
Earn a good amount of money.
Money used can be used to open up private businesses.
The business that candidate would be working for depending on the business, would help with expenses such as mobile phone bills on company phones or bills covering company cars given by the business.
A lot of time could be taken away. If member has a family to look after, in order to raise enough money to fend for them, time must be devoted to work to make