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Character Reflection

Growing Hurts

Seventeen years old, starting in adulthood, finishing in high school, moving out to begin the “so expected college”, full of uncertainties, eager for new challenges, sometimes happy, and another ones sad. That was me a couple of years ago. People used to say that when you leave something called “comfort zone” you may fall apart. It definitely happened with me. I moved four hours away from my family to study my major. In that time, a dozen of feelings were overwhelming me inside. I had independency to do whatever I want to. I did not have to give satisfaction to anyone. It seemed the perfect life to me… until the problems appeared and realized that I did not have anyone to count on. I had the freedom, but I could not handle that. All those sticky situations that I passed through made me understand the meaning of being independent and learned how to deal with it. I stopped to be so naïve and believe in everything that people say, and last but not least, I learned how to control my feelings toward the difficulty times and of course, the happiest ones too. Yes, growing hurts.
Independency is something so desired for everyone. When people start adulthood they aimed for privacy, having their own choices, and caring about their welfare. They just see the good side of this powerful word, but when it starts to show the dark and problematic side, people get confused and lost. The only thing that they want is someone to help them. When I say someone, I mean their parents. When I start having problems, I thought that I would never find a way to circumvent the situation and I could not find the answer for that feeling that was choking me. What I did? Time was the answer. I let the time help me. I tried to keep calm, organize myself and the studies that I had. Maybe it took more time that I expected, but the important is that I could learn by myself how to deal with my personality.
Some people are born already knowing the wickedness of life, another ones are not. I can say that I was the most naïve person that I knew. That is a big problem of my personality. I have this lemma: “Never do to the others what you do not want that the others do to you”. Following it, I gave myself for everything and everyone, and how always was, I was hampered. But have a day that you realize that took so much from life that end up learning how to deflect and even retaliate. I suddenly stopped being innocent, and I began to realize that to survive you have to fight for your ideals. I stopped to put the needs of others ahead of mine. I may have become a little selfish, and still gullible, but I improved a lot, because in pain we learn.
I believe that the human being is one hundred percent of feelings. Feelings