Growing Managers Group Case Analysis Essay

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Growing Managers Group Case Analysis
The motivational models which would prove most effective in turning the Phoenix sales team around and setting the team on a more prosperous path would be motivational models focusing on changing behaviors and promoting results. Implementing the Goal-Setting Model and the Reinforcement Model would accomplish both feats. Melissa Richardson needs to exert authority and assertiveness over her sales team. She needs to assess her team members’ strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively and efficiently assess the job design and job analysis based on the employees’ skill level. This process sets up goal specificity. Alex Hoffman is a go getter and a top seller of the annual and perennial color
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A specific goal may not work if you try to make it a one size fits all goal. Telling Hoffman and Torres that you want both to sell $500K of cut flowers makes no sense when Hoffman has no interest in selling cut flowers and Torres is more focused on the creative side of things. Your goal will not get accomplished and you will cause a further rift between you and your staff. It is important to also distinguish between the quantity and quality of the set goals.
With the model focusing on behavior reinforcement, Richardson could attack the issues she had with policy in the Phoenix office from her first visit. She hinted towards an understanding of this concept when she was in her car day dreaming about the opportunities of positive reinforcement, specifically Friday pizza lunches and quarterly ice cream parties. This proves that she already understands the underlying concept of reinforcement theory, that behavior is a function of its consequence. In her perception, relaxed, casual, and celebratory end of the work week days would motivate workers to work hard during the week, and goal achievement celebrations would cause the sales team to look positively toward achieving and excelling past quarterly goals. However, she completely disregarded the more stringent aspect of behavior reinforcement which is that unwanted behaviors must be met with negative reinforcement to lessen the