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UPS provides transportation services, primary domestic and international letter package delivery. It also provides specialized transportation, logistics and financial services through its non-package subsidiaries. Strengths-UPS is the environmental leader in the U.S. package delivery industry.-UPS is known for maintaining higher operating margins than its competitors. It is highly profitable; its ROE (return on equities) for the past six years has averaged at 28%.-UPS is synonymous with parcel delivery. The brown color scheme of its logo anddelivery trucks is iconic to the delivery industry. | Weaknesses -While UPS’s brown trucks are recognizable, people may not have a complete picture of UPS’s full range of capabilities.-UPS’s labor force is unionized and has therefore impacts UPS’s labor costs. -UPS has higher debt financial ratios than its competitors. | Opportunities-Selected to manage the transportation and logistical operations of the LondonOlympic Games in 2012.-UPS has the potentialto expand in a fragmented Asian market.-USPS has steadily lost shareto UPS and FedEx. Their continued decline could yield modest volume gains for UPS | Threats-Volatile oil pricesEconomic slowdown in the US.-Labor issues -The threat for strikes could pressure UPS to increase wages. |
USPS (POST OFFICE is a government owned company, engaged in providing mailing services. These services include multi-featured mailing services and special value added services. The company operates in the US. It is headquartered in Washington DC and employs 712,082 people. Strengths -Cost AdvantageEffective -Online Growth -Loyal customer-Strong brand equity-Pricing | Weakness-Poor Customer image-Not profitable | Opportunities * -Product and services Expansion, you will now be able to take care of your post office needs at your nearest pharmacy. -Price changes. | Threats •Competition•Cheaper technology•Economic slowdown•Maturing categories, products, or services•Rising fuel prices |
FEDEX Corporation is a global transportation and logistics enterprise company that offers customers a one-stop source for global shipping. Strenghts * FedEx is secular brand and it is the largest market share in airborne service.• First in