Growing up Essay

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Playing sports has made me a healthier person physically and mentally. I could not pursue playing the sports that mean the most to me without my parents. They push me to do better with my education and also out on the field. Physical education and classroom education is what makes a student athlete grow. The support from my parents and the sports I play help my growth, influence, be a better person, and show how I’ve matured with their encouragement. Sports have helped me grow tremendously. I can remember when I was in 7th grade just starting on a real school soccer team. I rarely interacted with classmates outside of the couple friends I had. Towards the middle of the season during a team dinner one of my teammates had picked me first to be on their team (given I wasn’t the best player). I excitedly put on the sweaty, smelly soccer penny and rushed out on the field. I ended up playing amazing, scoring left and right because of the confidence it gave me. My teammate had expanded my confidence and with that I was able to interact with the whole team more. It made me feel welcomed. There is not one specific sports-related moment that influenced me that stands out, there are multiple. Every time I step out on the field during a game and do something worth cheering for, it has this effect on me where I just keep pushing harder to get that feeling again. Just yesterday we played our game against Skowhegan, I got put in to play outside half. The ball got kicked to me by our goalie, I ran as fast and as smart as I could to reach the ball before the other team. I got a single touch on it with my foot before deciding to dribble the ball down the sideline making it by two opposing players, I dribbled it all the way to the other corner right before I crossed it into the box to our forwards. I could hear parents from the sideline cheering for me as it was happening and all I wanted to do was fight for that win and help my team score a goal. Today I am an honors student who works hard at maintaining her GPA not only because of sports but also for my future. My mom is the women behind my classroom education. She works hard also at making sure I keep up in school. Every