Growing Up In Harlem Summary

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Growing up in Harlem New York was nothing but despair for a girl named Revi. Living in the northern projects was hard for her. She dealt with drama all around her; With a father she never knew and a mother finding hope where it doesn't exist, she always looking for fulfillment. When she went to bed, she always heard gunshots outside. She always thought what would life would be like in peace. She always saw people dying in the streets, people robbing stores, and her friends getting into gangs. She knew this city wasn't safe, but she wanted to be strong on the outside. She wanted to be strong and she wanted to be like the rest. Like a cup needed to be filled, she wanted to have something she didn't have and couldn't find; and like a plant without …show more content…
She finally realizes the danger and the disparity out in the Harlem streets. As the family mourns and find some answers, she is searching for that one think she always wanted: Justice. She starts to look for a closure for the many lives that was taken away from her. She wants to find the answers, the truth this whole time. She seems to find it in being like the rest. She finds her temporary fulfilment through what she does. It wasn't enough to maintain her happiness and it just lead to more and more problems. After the city closed the case to the death of Bryce, she thrived in her own anger and need to find her justice. She soon stopped looking for the legal system for answers; she wanted her own sense of justice: Street Justice. She wanted to avenge her friend's death and wanted to find the truth. As her life goes on she sees that her life was digging itself its own grave. She soon found the error of her actions. She soon found out what went wrong in her life. That wasn't enough though, she still wanted to find out, she still wanted to get back, even though the answer was already in front of her. As she live on she still struggles for this fulfillment, finding out the answers, and trying to figure out her own sense of