Essay on Growing Up in Rockford

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Growing up in the Muslim community in Rockford has had a great impact on the person I have become today. My father served as the Vice President for the community's board for over six years; I learned important leadership and communication skills by watching my father volunteer at the local mosque. So when I was asked to help create a website for the community, I did not hesitate. The organization, MAGR, was established by my friend's father. Although I was not particularly skillful in using computers at the time, I learned from a young age to help both my religious and social community. Learning to create the website was incredibly difficult and confusing, yet there was something in the activity that kept me going. By the end of the task, I became attached to the computer's amazing capabilities and began exploring more about computers. Soon I was fluently using computer software such as Adobe and Photoshop.
Throughout high school, I have continued my pursuit of computer knowledge and have taken courses dealing with programming, graphic design, and networking. I am currently trying to learn Python software to better my understanding of programming language. As I have increased my knowledge in computers, I have continued to support and update MAGR's website. Through this website, the community has been able to reach out to people in Rockford. I learned through my upbringing and religion to better society and I plan on continuing this goal by studying Computer Science at