Growing Up Tethered Analysis

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For this essay, I was asked to review and evaluate the article Growing Up Tethered by Sherry Turkle for the UVU Review. This essay should be published in the UVU Review because I believe that it applies to the average student. Growing up tethered would be an excellent addition to the UVU Review because it is exceedingly informative on topics that are significant to the students at UVU. While reading this essay, I was able to notice that it applies to students my age. Another reason I would like to mention in this essay is her evidence, she is able to use stories that relate to her audience. The last reason I would like to write about is that her essay is exceptionally credible, in regard to Turkle as a writer and her essay as a whole. Growing up tethered is an article about individuals always being connected to their phones/technology, this being Turkle’s main argument. She is …show more content…
Turkle already has some credibility built into the article because she is a professor at MIT. She studies the connection between technology and people. One of the ways that she adds credibility to her article, is breaking it up into titled sections. More specifically, her sections are titled: Degrees of Separation (430), The Collaborative Self (433), The Avatar of Me (436), and Presentation Anxiety (439). Separating her article makes it much easier to read and understand. Another device she used in her article that has helped build her credibility, is that she didn’t have a Facebook or social media account at the time, so she was able to look at the complete idea of technology affecting the modern world, with fresh eyes, or unbiasedly. She stated in her article, “I promised her that when I joined Facebook...” (438) While she doesn’t use statistical evidence, she does use evidence from students, and without having to cite her interviews, it makes her article easier to read and