Growing Up Tethered Summary

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In the life of tenagers, growing up without phones in the 21st century would be a catastrophe! The same concept goes for the parents of those teens. In today’s world it seems that everyone over the age of 8 has some sort of portable device that has access to the internet and social media. Turkle says “Most of the teenagers I spoke with were given a phone between the ages and 9 and thirteen- the gift typically comes with a contract: Children are expected tp answer their parents’ calls.” (431) the United States having adolescent minds constantly attached to a 3.7 inch screen is impairing their ability to connect with people in conversation. Sherry Turkle, The author of “Growing up Tethered” talks about the effects of being tethered to the internet and social media. In Turkle’s essay “Growing up Tethered” The influence of technology being negative in teens and adolescents is substantial. The point of this summary and paper is to show that technology is impacting teens by making them more anti-social and hide behind the cloud of social media and text message. As students read this essay from Turkle they should try and put the situations and examples into perspective the next time he or she goes into the classroom. Turkle believes that teens don’t …show more content…
Facebook is one of the main places where people are able to show the world what they look like, what kinds of things they like, and where people can express how they feel. In the section of Turkle’s essay called “Presentation Anxiety” and it speaks about people who are on Facebook and all of the misconceptions about some of the people on Facebook. In this part of the essay, Turkle says “Yet, even he is shocked when he finds evidence of girls using “shrinking” software to appear thinner on their profile photographs.” (440) This conception of “shrinking” is is teenage girls trying to fit into how society wants to see