My Philosophy Of Education

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Growing up in a family of 6 children, I enjoyed living with my younger siblings. I would always play with them and since I was the oldest, I did everything for them while my mom was out working. With the experience I had with my brothers, at the age of 11, I started babysitting for my neighbors. The kids were very lovely and I felt a bond between me and the kids. My dream was to go to law school after graduating high school but over the years I thought about being a Pediatrician because I love being around and helping kids and I love to take care of them and keep them as healthy as possible. When I went to High School, I chose to take Early Childhood to learn more about children. Honestly, I thought level one was a boring class, then when entered level 2 it became interesting and I changed plans. I decided I wanted to be a preschool teacher instead. Over the past 3 years I’ve learn a lot about children and I think this is the career I want. I attended Boca Raton Community High School and took all 4 levels of Early Childhood course. I also joined the club, Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) which I learn a lot about nutrition and children health related issues.
To gain more experience I am a volunteer at Church Apostolical Faith in Delray Beach, FL. I read to the kids and teach them songs and also do fun activities. In addition to that, I sometimes help with the ESE kids and I would love to work more with them even more in the future. After graduation I’m