Growth of the Olympics Essay

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Drew Hayward
Olympic Games Influence

The Olympic Games are the greatest gatherings of athletes in the world. They serve as a monumental event that brings over 200 countries from the far reaches of the map together (Rouche M). Over time, the Games have transformed into a mega-sporting event that now carries massive influence over the host city or country. Since the Coubertin-inspired transformation of the Games, the Olympics have gained influential power over the political, social, economic and physical attributes of its host regions. While many of the effects are easily seen, others come in a less tangible form. Also, the effects on a region are not always positive and often draw criticism. While some experts vary in opinion about the first Olympic Games, it is generally accepted that the first Games took place in 776BC. These Games served as tribute to the Greek Gods, specifically Zeus (Ancient Olympic Games). It was not until 1896, through the influence of Baron Pierre de Coubertin that the Olympic Games would resemble what we currently view as the modern version. Coubertin was a progressive thinker who revived the Games as a manifestation of worldly ideologies and philosophical beliefs (Lucas J.A.). The Baron believed that this new mindset behind the Games would foster the goodwill of competing nations and contribute to world peace. Coubertin’s model drew more nations and athletes attention and interest in the Olympic Games. This generated a massive expansion of the size of the Games. By the 1984 Los Angeles Summer