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March 24, 2013

The name of my company is GT Productions. I will convey my brand through the company name by showing that music is more than delivering professional quality sound. It’s about great service. I selected GT Productions as the name for the company because those are my initials. The reason I chose my initials for the company name is because it represents everything that I am as a person. We will conduct ourselves in humble manner when it comes to dealing with artists. We will approach every business situation as an opportunity to expand our working relationship into a personal relationship by welcoming each new artist into our company family. This will show any potential customers that we not only appreciate their business but we also look forward to knowing them as individuals and improving their professional careers. The strengths of the company name are that it’s distinct, simple and easy to remember. It is also protectable as outlined on The domain name is available for the company’s brand name and I would use social media in my online strategy. I would link all of the social media pages of the company with the company website. I would also advertise on beat websites to increase the amount of artists I reach. According to the article “Pursuing Strong Brand,” The company brand falls under the descriptive category. The name describes what the company is. The logo reflects the company brand because it is professional in appearance and music related. This is an effective logo because it captures the customer’s attention and sparks interest. The laws of shape and color are supported because the logo contains colors that are opposite of the competitors and the design fits an artists’ eyes. The category that bests suits the logo is symbolic.
An Artists’ Home. The logo would consist of the letters “G” and “T” followed by the word productions abbreviated to “Pro.” The letters would be bold with a black outline and the inside would be a teal color. The second part “Pro” would have a black outline as well and the inside would be teal but in the form of volume levels like on a mixing board. The tagline is “An