GTA 5 Essay

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The editor used close ups to show the three main characters. Franklin is portrayed as a typical ‘hood’ gangster, Michael is portrayed as a mafia member because the way he is dressed, he has that image and Trevor is a typical hillbilly which loves to destroy things and the sweat connotates he is a man. The title is shown in bold white to let people know it grand theft auto and the 5 could be argued dollar bill because of the number and the colour green. The woman arresting the other woman challenges the dominant stereotype of men being brutal but women can be as well also it looks attractive because of the forward position the women at the front is obtaining. The colour scheme used is primary colours the same to show off the game.
The game itself is to tell the audience that it’s about America because ‘Los Santos’ is the game’s version of Los Angles. In the gameplay it much more advanced because of the things you can do for example you can play robberies buy properties. The cars are much better because you can drive Bugatti’s, Lamborghini’s and others. Rockstars has done this to keep people entertained and to be one step ahead of competitors.
The game is represented to be fast and furious, action packed and adventures. The three main characters aim in the game is to get money but the members are different because of their history, Franklin ex-gang member doesn’t want to ‘nickel and dime’ hustle anymore, Michael wants out of the lies and life full of crime and double crosses his once comrade (Trevor) and Trevor is anxious