Guadalupe Garcia Interview Essay

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For this observational essay the actual name of the personal who was interviewed will be changed to Guadalupe Garcia. This is done to protect the identity of the individual interviewed. All other information in this essay is factual. My subject, Ms. Garcia chose to meet in the cove at the University of Mary in the evening after her practice. The cove was very noisy at night making it hard to hear one another so we decided to move to the couches outside of the student store. There were many people walking by throughout our meeting but we overall we had a good heart to heart conversation.
The individual I chose is a student coach here at the University of Mary originally from Spokane, Washington. Guadalupe has just turned 23 and is in her fourth year in the Nursing program. Guadalupe played softball her freshman year at Spokane Community College after she graduated from High School. Guadalupe said she chose this school because she felt that it was the best
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Many different components differentiated Guadalupe from other individuals in this age group. This young lady is Hispanic, a female, from a lower middle class family, grew up as a majority as her ethnicity, her father wasn’t in the family dynamic, and her grandmother lived with her immediate family. You may not think of how many components influence how a person reacts to event change in their lives but it does. Early in my story Guadalupe had decided to stay at home for her first year of college where she felt it was familiar and cheaper before she decided to change her life and adventure out to North Dakota. I asked her why she decided to come to North Dakota of all places and she said, “To be honest I didn’t think it was going to be this hard, and I wanted to go home countless times, but now that I am almost done I can go home this summer to see the proud look on my grandmothers