Gucci Marketing Segmentation Collage Essay

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Marketing Segmentation Collage

1. Introduction

Gucci is a brand from Italy. It was established in the year of 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Gucci brand sells several kinds of products which are apparel of women’s wear and man’s wear, shoes, accessories such as rings, bags, small leathers goods, fine jewelry, and many others products. Besides, watches is also a best selling products for Gucci brand. Watches of Gucci brand is designed either for women, man, and also teenagers.

2.0 Market Segmentation

2.1 Geographic Segmentation

Gucci watch geographic segmentation would target on the cities area more than rural area. This is due to the high consumption power and high standard living no matter the
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Apart from that, for the psychographic part, in order to just target on the high class people, high income people, it can also be targeted on the middle class people. The price of the brand can be decrease a bit by maybe using cheaper materials.

Lastly, it will be the behavior segmentation for the brand. In order to just design watches for special occasion only, the watches can also designed to be used at different kind of occasion which the design will be easy and simple.

In a nutshell, Gucci’s brand watches are still has markets to going on with the products in future.

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