Essay about Guidance for recording face to face discussion

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Interpersonal communication skills

You have taken part in a face to face discussion

During the discussion you will have demonstrated some or all of the following interpersonal skills.

Use of intonation to add meaning
Use of body language (you will have to remember this) such as nodding and supporting noises such as yes or ah ha
Use of positive language
Use of negative language in a way that is constructive
Paying attention and responding to what someone has said
Summarising what someone has said
Use of questions to encourage others to respond
Open questions
Probing questions
Closed questions
Responding at an appropriate speed

Below is a list of the ways in which you can demonstrate good interpersonal skills

Supporting others by responding positively to their comments
You can do this by positive body language and agreeing noises
Summarising what they have said
Agreeing with them
Encouraging others to contribute
You can do this by asking questions
Not speaking over someone else (responding at an appropriate speed)
Making your comments interesting
Ensuring they are relevant to the current discussion
Moving the discussion on if it has faltered by introducing a new topic
Using intonation to make your comments interesting

Tasks for P3

1 Listen to the discussion that you took part in and create a list of the contributions that you made.
2 For each contribution that you made identify whether it was
a. An introduction of a new topic
b. A question
c. A response to a…