Guidelines For A Term Paper And Presentation

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Guidelines for a term paper and Presentation

Methodological Note 3

STEP 1: Select a specific topic, which interests your group STEP 2: Introduce backgrounds of the topic (why the topic is important and interests readers)

STEP 3: Identify one or two research questions STEP 4: Read and synthesize information from previous studies STEP 5: Analyze three cases and integrate the information from the cases STEP 6: Describe your findings (what are common factors and differences from the cases analysis in terms of the topic selected by your group?)

STEP 7: Discuss the results or suggest your thoughts on the topic. (In particular, please highlight your insights as an international business manager.)

STEP 8: Proofread the manuscript and make appropriate reference (APA style) STEP 9: (Recommended) Structure and polish your paper*


Page 1: Title page (title, student name, etc) Page 2 – 3 (2 pages) : Introduction and research questions Page 4 – 6 (3 pages): Literature review Page 7 – 18 (12 pages): Methodology (case analysis) Page 19 – 21 (3 pages): Results and findings Page 22 - 23 (2 pages): Discussions and conclusions Page 24 – 25: References *In a case of four students works as a team, about 28 - 32 pages in length acceptable. However, FOUR cases must be developed For the above instructions, please showcase as follow: Introduction (Problem statements)

Research questions

Literature review (You may reuse part of your assignment 1) Methodology (case analysis) (You should analyze three cases, that is, one case from each member’s contribution) *In the case of four students in a group, then four cases must be analyzed Case 1 Case 2 Case 3

Results and findings Common factors Differences

Discussions and conclusions


Regarding how to pick a topic:
Students should select a term paper topic they are interested in from the following list, or students may explore/develop any topic they are interested in. Students should get approval from the instructor if they choose a topic outside of the list: 1. Entry modes of foreign markets 2. Globalization 3. Legal, Technological, and Political Forces 4. The Role of Culture in international business 5. Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business 6. International Trade and Investment Theory 7. International Monetary System and the Balance of Payments 8. Foreign Exchange and International Financial Markets 9. Formulation of National Trade Policies 10. International Cooperation among Nations 11. International Strategic Management 12. Strategies for Analyzing and Entering Foreign Markets 13. International Strategic Alliances 14. International Organization Design and Control 15. Leadership and Employee Behavior in International Business 16. International Marketing 17. International Operations Management 18. International Financial Management 19. International Human Resource Management and Labor Relations

What if many teams in the class choose the same topic?
For example, three teams in the class “Entry modes of foreign markets." Since the topic is one of the most interesting topics for international business and economics and their internationalization strategies I understand there would be many teams to work on this topic. YES, your team also can work on the same topic but cases (companies) in the topic shouldn’t be the same companies with other teams, at least two cases out of three or four should be different ones. For example, Team A (4 students): Apple, Samsung,. Nokia, HTC Team B (3 students): Haier, Samsung, Sony Team C (4 students): Toyota, Renault, GM, Tata Team D (3 students): Wal-mart, carrefour, Tesco


What if we choose the same topic that had worked at Assignment 1 and/or Assignment 2?
For example, two students in the same group worked at “Entry modes of foreign markets" for Assignment 1. YES, your team also can work at the same topic for Assignment