Guidelines for Concept Paper: The Pursuit of Happiness

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GUIDELINES FOR CONCEPT PAPER #3 – “The Pursuit of Happiness”
Worth 50 points Overview
Grades will be holistic (based on overall quality and completeness of the following steps). This is the Third and FINAL of three papers for the term and is totally optional—if you are already happy with your grades!

This should not be very difficult, but, as with the other papers-- it will take time! Your paper must include both sections (Section 1 – Test Questions; Section 2 – Answers). This assignment must also be in the format provided. As always—BE SPECIFIC in your questions and answers!

For your final Concept Paper, you will develop questions for the class to use in our test preparation the week BEFORE Thanksgiving! Since this paper is optional, if you are doing it, it is because you want and/or need the practice (and points), so this will be doubly beneficial in preparing you for the Exit Exam—“two birds—one stone.” Please use the essay “A Critique of Positive Psychology” as the basis for your test questions.

The following are “stem questions” from the actual exams. You MUST use this specific format to receive full credit—no exceptions!

You will also submit an Answer Key with the correct answers to the questions you create.

(If you like, you can even lead the review for your questions in class?)

Papers are due online by 11:55 Sunday, November 23rd in MOODLE. Do not be late! If you miss the deadline, you will lose 10 points (since we want to use these for test prep in class). This also means your grade STARTS at 40/50 points. Remember—you will submit TWO Documents—1) a test and 2) an answer key.

Here’s the test format!

Step 2. Use the article you read and annotated to complete this examination.

Understanding Unfamiliar Words in Context: 3 points each Based on information in the text, suggest a definition of the boldface word in each of these statements from “A critique of positive Psychology”. If you need more information, look in the article and see the word in a wider context. Do not paraphrase the entire quotation.

1) The word Distressed in “many very distressed people were left in the wake of world war II,and the high incident of mental disorders had become a pressing and immediate problem. “(para. 1) means
2) The word Pathology in “the downside of this accomplishment is that 50-year focus on disease and pathology has taken its toll on society and on science" (para. 3) means
3) The word Hedonic in “the first route to greater happiness is hedonic, increasing positive emotions" (para. X) means
Part Two: Defining Important Terms and Concepts in College Reading 3 points each
4) Define the term a balanced Psychology from Paragraph 1

5) Define the term happiness from Paragraph 5

Part Three: Recognizing the Author’s Purpose and Method 5 points
6) In a complete sentence or sentences, describe the author’s purpose and method. The method should include information on the organizational pattern(s) used in the article.