Guidelines for Writing and Presenting a Project Essay

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Guidelines for writing and presenting your project
1. Introduction
2. The plan
3. Writing style
4. Report writing checklist
5. Demonstrations
6. Presentation
7. User manual
1. Introduction
How you present your project is very important and is an integral part of the project. It should be well presented, error free and easy to understand. No-one wants to read a badly written and badly presented document. The contents should reflect an accurate description of your project.
Please note that it is not possible for over 100 students to use the printers simultaneously.
N.B. Any code listings must be fully commented.
2. Plan Remember failing to plan is planning to fail!
2.1 Elements in the Writing Process Note: this is an iterative process
1. Create a plan that meets your needs and takes into account your own traits and abilities.
2. Prepare preliminary material
3. Write a draft
Edit and re-write
4. Evaluate overall report
5. Reread
2.2 Order of writing
1. Finalise outline structure
2. Write main body
3. Write conclusions, recommendations and summary
4. Compile appendices, references and bibliography
5. Write introduction
6. Write abstract, preface and acknowledgements
7. Compile glossary of terms
8. Prepare contents list and index

3. Writing style
1. Keep the tone impersonal
2. Use the past tense
Use active constructions
4. Ensure accurate spelling
5. Do not use abbreviations
6. Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.
7. Never use jargon, slang or clich�s.
4. Report writing checklist
1. Is the report arranged logically so that it tells the basic message?
2. Is the style and presentation suited to the subject matter and the readers?
3. Have you avoided the use of generalisations?
4. Have you avoided the use of slang, clich�s, colloquialisms and idioms?
5. Have you used technical language which might be unfamiliar to the readers?
6. If special terminology is unavoidable, have you provided suitable explanations?
7. Is any of the information more suitable for presentation in graphs, tables or diagrams?
8. Is the main section carefully organised and consistent with the table of contents?
9. Does the main section include a good introduction and a conclusion which includes no new material?
10. Have appendices been used effectively and have you referred to them in the main section?
11. Is there a suitable bibliography?
12. Is the report suitably formatted with margins, headings and sub-headings?
13. Have the requirements of your clients been checked regarding format and presentation?
5. Demonstrations
5.1 Demonstration format
Your demonstration should have a beginning, a middle and an end.
You have a limited period of